Bishop Creek ToursEach year more and more people choose to spend their weekends and vacations in Bishop Creek, California. This is a small town close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Owens River Valley. Because the main reason why people choose to spend time here is getting back in touch with nature, different kinds of tours are organized by the local tourism companies. And there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy during these tours, some of them more sports-like, others more artistic, like photography.

For instance, there is a photography tour that will take you to Bishop Creek Canyon, which is a beautiful spot set right outside the town, about 14 miles west of it. The tour guide will show you the most interesting places you can photograph and will guide you technically in case you need any help. You get to learn a lot of useful things while exercising and admiring the beauty of nature, plus you get back in touch with your artistic self.

Moreover there’s a wine club in Bishop Creek and three or four times a year it organizes tours around the vineyards, teaching participants about how to taste the wine, what makes a wine be of superior quality as compared to another one and many other useful things that will change the way you perceive wine and wine choosing. The wine club also has a tasting room and if you become a member of it you can get rare wines at a very special price. They can even teach you how to start your own winery.

There are other tours which are all about mountaineering, hiking and learning about the mountains which surround Bishop Creek. Some of them are focused on skiing, others on rock climbing, depending on the season. Mountain biking is also a tourist favorite activity in this area