Bishop Creek Information

Bishop Creek, California is not a big city, but people who have chosen to spend their vacations or weekends there have sure found plenty of reasons for appreciating it. Close to the Sierra Nevada, mountains, this small city used to provide the necessary water to the Los Angeles area and it also hosts a festival which lasts a week, called “The Bishop Mule Days”. This festival is very popular with tourists and they come in great numbers every year, especially from Southern California. Rainbow trout seems to be another great attraction for tourists. People come from all over America to enjoy fishing here. The special thing about it seems to be the bait: every year the top bait seems to be salmon eggs. Fly fishing is also quite popular in this area. Many fishermen opt for bringing along their families so that they can spend some time together in the middle of nature. There’s something to do for everyone: horseback riding lessons, horseback riding trips, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and so on and so forth. If you like rowing boats, you’ll have a chance to do that too. And since the scenery is rather spectacular, many people choose to bring along their cameras and try their hand at photography. The most part of the tourists coming here are into rock climbing: there are around 2000 bouldering problems in the area.

What you should know about the weather is that it is pretty dry in general, but likely to change at any moment. Rains don’t come in large quantities, but they can be frequent, since the city is close to the mountains. It is always a good idea to be prepared for rain and low temperatures, especially if you are going to climb the mountains. Bring along warm clothes and rainproof outfits, even if the weather report tells you the weather is hot and dry. The hottest months here are June, July and August, but at night it can get pretty chilly too.