Bishop Creek Amenities

Bishop Creek is a wonderful place to spend your vacation or weekend with your family and friends: located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, not far from Bishop CA, on highway 168, this is a favorite destination for people who love rock climbing, trout fishing, camping and other nature related activities. People who are into rock climbing may already know that Bishop Creek has pretty amazing climbing routes, which you can find details about on the internet, alongside other routes in the area. Horseback riding and trips, hiking, photography, boating; these are just some of the few wonderful possibilities you have at your fingertip, while in Bishop Creek. Exploring the old mining roads can be a real adventure for you and your pals! The nature is so authentic you are not going to want to leave. If you are a big fan of fishing adventures, this is too the place for you! The crystal clear lakes and the cascades are filled with endless possibilities.